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released April 28, 2017

Oli - Vocals / Leads
Brent - Guitar / Leads
Al - Guitar
Mike - Bass
Ned Smith - Drums

Mixed By Laurence Williams
Mastered by Damon Good


tags: rock Sydney


all rights reserved


ROBBER Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Icehead
You've got cunts after you
You broke the golden rule
Robbing all ya mates
Chasing baby pools

I said icehead I said icehead
I said shut up
In the bag or in the cup
I Don't give a fuck
Used to have shit sorted
Used to be alright
But now ya life's in ruins
Cos ya blew it on the pipe

Now you're on the streets
Now you got no friends
What ya gonna do?
Wheres it gonna end?

I said icehead I said icehead
Icehead shut up
In the bag of in the cup
I don't give a fuck
Up for five days
Getting on the shabs
Up for five days
Picking at your scabs
Track Name: B N E
I've got no skills. I've never had a job.
All I know is doing robs
You and ya husband are fast asleep
In stolen air maxes, I quietly creep
Goin' solo through ya back door
Up to the bedroom, empty the drawer
If ya wake up you'll probably scream
Hit ya with a pole, it's just a bad dream

Break and Enter

You can call the cops, I'll be gone in a flash
With all your jewellery and any cash
Pawn it for cheap down the pub
So I can feed my habit for drugs
I'm a junkie, I no longer feel
I've got no conscience when I steal
A skinny fuckin' addict goin' thru your shit
It's enough to make you sick

Break and Enter
Track Name: Drink Graff Rack
You get scared when you're on the train
Of groups of hoodlums kickin' in ya brain
Graffiti vandals and thugs in hoods
Fucking ya daughter and stealing your goods
Drunken army of neer-do-wells
Forever making your life hell
You've read the news, you're in the know
And all ya can say is "they gotta go!"

Drink and Graff and Rack
It's all they know and drugs are rife
Drink and Graff and Rack
Day and night, wreckin' ya life

You piece of shit ya love the law
Makin' it hell to leave ya door
Every time you go outside
Hate and fear till the day you die

Drink and Graff and Rack
It's all they know and drugs are rife
Drink and Graff and Rack
Day and night, wreckin' ya life
Track Name: Grease Pit
Fat disgusting slob
Filthy greasey hair
Sweating at the bar
Staring down your tits

Grease Pit
Oily revolting sleaze
Grease Pit
Sweating fat disease

Powder in your drink
Dragged to the car
In the back seat
Vomit on the floor
Cover your head
With a bag
Veering off
Down a dirt road

Grease Pit
Oily revolting sleae
Grease Pit
Sweating fat disease
Track Name: On The Run
Mark and Gino are on the run
Mark and Gino are father and son
Mark and Gino are having some fun
Shooting at the coppers with a fucking gun!

Fuck The Pigs!
Fuck The Pigs!

Mark and Gino you can see 'em on the telly
Mark and Gino are the modern day Kelly's
Mark and Gino know every bush track
The bad fuckin' bugger stank like pole cats
Mark and Gino are a Soldier and a Priest
Mark and Gino are identity thieves
Mark and Gino don't fuck around
They'll burn ya fuckin' house to the fuckin' ground

8 years on the run
Cos Gino Stocco went mad in the head
8 years on the run
And now an old codgers lying dead
8 years on the run
Always lookin' over their shoulder
8 years on the run
Now they're Australia's most wanted

Fuck The Pigs!
Fuck The Pigs!
Track Name: Pink TNs
Ya married to a junkie
You put needles in your arm
He'll be dead soon anyway
Leave him - what's the harm?
He married you but he love's the needle
He's just a junkie
Even with track marks you're still beautiful
You should be with me

When he's dead they'll all say
"We told you so.."
You could have a life
That you've never known
I hope his smack gets laced with glass
I'm in love with you
I'll even get you hammer
If I have to
Track Name: Two Poles
I can't conceive a future
Nothing seems possible
Things won't get any better
I don't see any point
With every thought I have
My fucking stomach sinks
There's really nothing for me
I want out of life

I'll have 100 futures
I have no boundaries
Life is beaming with brightness
I have so much energy
The world is so exciting
I can achieve anything
I have no time to stop
My mind is racing again